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14 Jul 2017

Paintball Ammunition


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Posted By Denis P.

With paintball fast becoming one of the most popular sports of its kind around the world, it can be difficult not to get caught up in the excitement and fun that shooting your friends with paint balls can be. Many people love the thrill of playing the "weekend warrior", and you, too, may find that you come to love the adrenaline rush that accompanies playing paintball.

Choosing the right ammunition is a vital part of ensuring that you play your best in every game. There are many types, shapes, and sizes of paintball ammunition, and many people have no clue what the difference is between each type. Knowing which type works the best for you can help you be the best "soldier" you can be.

Paintball ammunition tends to come in varying sizes, and the size of your paint balls is important. If you purchase paintball ammunition that is too large, it will simply jam in your marker and you will not be shooting anything. Large paintballs may even explode inside your gun, which will cause the barrel to get filled with paint and will throw off the accuracy of your shot.

Paintball ammunition that is too small with not shoot straight, as the air that is propelling it forward will simply curve around it and cause your shot to miss completely. Finding the best size of paintball is vital, as the right size of paintball is the only size that will allow you to make completely accurate shots, especially at a greater distance.

To test your paintball ammunition size in comparison to your paintball gun, unscrew your marker's barrel. Take a paintball and drop it through the hole of your marker. If the paintball drops too fast, it is too small. If it won't roll through at all, it is too large, The paintball should roll slowly through the barrel of your marker, and the paintball ammunition that does so is the right size for your gun.

The quality of paintball ammunition also tends to differ. Recreational paintballs are those used by weekend paintball players, and they are fairly low cost but also fairly low quality. They make for a great weekend or recreational game of paintball, but they are not high enough quality for a serious paintball enthusiast to consider using for a real, competitive game of paintball thanks to the cheaper quality of the paintball's shell.

Tournament paintball ammunition is usually the best quality choice for any serious paintball players, and the shell that protects the paint is strong and sturdy. The shell will not explode inside your gun, and they will provide you with the best accuracy possible. These paint balls, however, tend to be very expensive, and you will pay a lot more for tournament paintballs.

Some brands do offer paintball ammunition that is mid-range, both in quality and in price. While these paint balls are of lesser quality than tournament ammunition, the quality far outperforms that of recreational paintballs.

Be wary if you appear to be dry firing paintballs often, as that could mean that your paintball ammunition is either the incorrect size or the shell is too soft and the pellets are exploding inside the gun. Paint on the inside of the gun will ruin the aim of your marker, which is why it is so vital to find the right size and quality of pellet.


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